Executive Presenting Coaching brings relaxation en strength
Give a Relaxed Presentation just being yourself!

Is giving lectures or presentations part of your work and do you want to learn to present in a relaxed way? Even if you don’t experience extreme extreme tension, you may not really show who you are after all. And you are doing yourself and your message too short. Because the highest level, relaxed presentation is of the utmost importance. With an Executive Presentation Coach you will set the step to personal growth in this regard.


  • Create a powerful presentation with a core message
  • Being ‘yourself’ while presenting relaxed
  • How to use Storytelling
  • Body language and voice use

When you give a presentation you want to feel confident about yourself, about the content of your presentation, and about the structure of your material. With many speakers and presenters you see that the search for that certainty comes at the expense of themselves and therefore also of the impact of their presentation. But with an Executive Presentation Coach you will learn to present in a relaxed way. By first working together to create strong logical content for your presentation, you also indirectly work on a decrease in speaking tension. You will learn to let your message make contact with yourself first and then naturally with your audience. 

And that happens at all times in one on one setting. That gives a safe feeling.

By making a video recording of your presentation in advance and going through it together, you learn a lot about yourself. And that’s an important aid to you in understanding what others perceive when they look and listen to you. It makes it easier for you to see the big effect of minor adjustments at first glance. Even though the actual implementation will differ from the prepared version, giving an effective presentation always starts at the back. Every minute you spend there on preparation pays for itself in rest and results.  

All sessions that you arrange with my Executive Presentation Coach are fully customized. They are based on your question and need and on what I observe with you as a Presentation Coach. Thus, a session includes everything that is important to you for a successful presentation.    


  • Effective use of Powerpoint
  • Initiate interaction with your audience
  • Dealing with difficult questions

Also, if you’re looking for mental support to control fear of speaking, I’ll help you with some powerful aspects of my approach to overcome fear of speaking. 

And If you appreciate it, I would be happy to accompany you last-minute to your presentation for mental support. 

So, do not hesitate, call for information or to make an appointment. Phone. 06 16 09 43 22.

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